Commercial Insurance Virginia Business Owners Can Rely On

The Best Insurance Policies for Business Owners in Virginia

Determining the right kind of insurance for your business can be daunting. You may ask what type of insurance you need, how much you may need, and what rate you can afford. At Jill Hufford Insurance in Roanoke, VA, you can find the answers to all these questions and more to keep you and your business protected. Our agency has more than enough experience and dedication to provide Virginia business owners with the best insurance policies that fit their needs.

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Coinsurance and Commercial Property Insurance

If your business is operated out of a physical location, property insurance is essential. While every case is different, most business owners should insure their commercial property for at least 80% of its value. This is referred to as “coinsurance,” and is the minimum amount of coverage a business owner must have before insurance companies will fully reimburse partial losses. Another type of insurance to plan on investing in is flood insurance. While flood insurance covers commercial buildings if damage occurs from rising water, it is generally not included in most property insurance policies. For the best guidance when it comes to commercial insurance, rely on Jill Hufford Insurance.

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General Commercial Liability Coverage for Businesses in Virginia

General liability coverage for commercial property owners in Virginia provides multiple types of insurance in one contract. Premises and Operations coverage offers injury and property damage to others after an accident that took place on your property or from your business operations. Products or services that result in liability charges are covered by Products and Completed Operations coverage. Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance designed to cover employees if they are injured and cannot work. Virginia law requires business owners to have workers’ compensation and other types of insurance, so call Jill Hufford Insurance to help you navigate the requirements and types of commercial insurance.

Farm Owners Insurance Policies

In order to secure your land, property, finances, and other aspects of your farm, a Farm Owners insurance policy is crucial. Most policies even include personal coverage for your house, personal property, and more. Liability coverage can help pay for legal fees, medical costs, and more that results from certain injuries or damage to other people’s property. To find out more about Farm Owners insurance in Virginia, contact Jill Hufford in Roanoke, VA.